Our Team

NewHope Leadership Team

Allan Demond
Senior Pastor
Teaching, Vision, Groups, Church Council
Surette Southwood
Executive Pastor
Human Resources, Secretary for Entities, Global, Church Council
Katrina Lambert
Associate Pastor & Director NewHope Community Care,
Prayer & Spirituality
Lance Blythe
Associate Pastor
Young Adults, Older Adults, Mens Ministry, Internships, Safe Church Coordinator

NewHope Baptist Church Staff Team

Adam Southwood
Youth Pastor
Communications Ministry Team
Alicia Demond
Pastoral Support & Head of Communications Ministry
Andrew Bykovec
Playspace Coordinator
Angela Natsis
Events Manager
Bec Burley
Kids Ministry Leader
Christine Chew
Chinese Worship Pastor
Edmundu Hu
Chinese Ministry Leader
Ellie Riley
Junior Kids Leader
Hannah Freeman
Youth & Young Adult Ministry Worker
Women’s Ministry
Isaac Winter
Technical Manager
Jacob Winter
Video Editor
Jono Hill
Finance Accountant
Kent Pittendrigh-Smith
Graphic Designer & Video Producer
Liane Viljoen
Office Manager
Majid Soltanzadeh
Farsi Friendship Project
Marjan Marjani
Farsi Friendship Project
Michael Henshaw
Property Manager
Megan Steven
Phil Gaudion
Alpha Pastor
Communications Ministry Team
Ross Adams
Sam Farbod
Persian Ministry Leader
Sanette Wood
Finance & Risk Manager
Spencer Sharp
Tam Gaudion
Connect Team Leader
Tim Spencer
Worship Pastor
Men’s Ministry
Yang Yang
mainly music Coordinator

NewHope Community Care Staff Team

Alicia Demond
Hannah Freeman
Food Pantry Coordinator & Relief Care Worker
Miranda Lewtas
COACH Coordinator, Relief Care Worker, Kids Hope & Flourish.
Phil Gaudion
Relief Care Worker
Sam Farbod
Persian Relief Care Worker

Middle Ground Cafe Staff Team

Eva Gillam
Hospitality Manager
Matt Aeschlimann
Tam Gaudion

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