The activities of NewHope are lead by scores of gifted leaders whose tireless work enables diverse ministries and services. A highly qualified Staff Team manage the work and a skills based, elected Church Council governs NewHope. Working together in their various roles, the Leaders, Staff and Council serve our dedicated Members and Supporters who enable the frontline impact of NewHope.

Our Leaders

Leadership is critical to mission success. At NewHope we serve a large cohort of leaders with support networks, training opportunities and formal accountability structures. We invest in the future of our organisation and the well-being of our community by identifying and developing emerging leaders for a wide variety of domains of service. 

Our Staff

The NewHope Staff Team is responsible for the management of our shared activity. Some staff roles serve the public directly through our social enterprises and our service programs. Other staff serve the spiritual health of the followers of Jesus enabling more and more people to use their gifts and participate in God’s mission. And a group of much less visible people – like the finance team or the lock-up crew – provide essential support for hundreds of NewHope participants. Together we help people make and multiply life-giving relationships.

Our Council

NewHope is served by a committed Council comprised of seven elected volunteer members each serving a 2 year term, the Executive Pastor and the Senior Pastor. At NewHope’s annual AGM we appoint new and continuing Council members. The Council Members who take executive roles (Council Chair, Finance Director and Church Secretary) are elected to these roles by the assembled members.

Rev. Dr. Allan Demond

Senior Pastor

Our Church Council

Tristan Ellett

Tristan Ellett

Chair of Church Council
Amanda Carruthers

Amanda Carruthers

Church Secretary
Craig Neilson

Craig Neilson

Finance Director
Surette Southwood

Surette Southwood

Executive Pastor
Darryn Hockley

Darryn Hockley

Monique Jaksic

Monique Jaksic

Brett Rice

Brett Rice

Steve Stavridis

Steve Stavridis

The Senior Pastor (Allan Demond) is also a member of Church Council.

The Nomination Process

The NewHope Constitution sets out the key responsibilities and formal election procedures for the NewHope Church Council in Clause 7. The objective of the nominating process is to bring before the church meeting names of persons willing to serve for prayerful consideration and election.

Expressions of Interest and Church Council Succession Planning.

The Church Council has responsibility for “encouraging and developing potential Council members so that the future leadership of the Church is assured” – [Constitution 7.1(j)]. 

Accordingly, the Council is constantly in prayer and conversation about future Council members and careful attention is given to the following areas:

  • Spiritual maturity & leadership capacity (Acts 6:1-7; 1 Tim. 3:8-13)
  • The skills mix needed for good governance in a growing church
  • Gender, ethnic and generational representation
  • Experience in ministry and leadership at NewHope
  • Church Council continuity

The Council exercises an important role in the discernment process and seeks expressions of interest on an ongoing basis. Please feel comfortable to reachout to any member of Council for a conversation. We would appreciate receiving a letter and your CV.

    A letter expressing your interest might include the following:

    • Sense of calling to this role and your Christian journey
    • NewHope ministry service and experience
    • Board and governance experience/training
    • Particular skills and abilities (e.g. finance, legal, risk management, fundraising, marketing)
    • Particular attributes that might serve Council’s diversity intentions (e.g. ethnicity, gender)

    Your CV does not need to be specific to the Church Council consideration. It is good to understand the broad scope of your work and interests. 

    Church Members are encouraged to prayerfully consider this service to the church, reflecting on personal gifting, spiritual contribution, time availability and the eligibility criteria (see below). It is good to encourage each other when there is a sense of God’s direction and calling.

    Expressions of Interest should be sent to the Church Secretary.
    Amanda Carruthers:

    Nominations and Church Members Meetings 

    The Church Council will cause to be nominated any number of eligible members, as and when required, to a meeting of NewHope members. 

    Only members of the church are eligible to cast a vote for or against each nominee. 

    Nominations to a members meeting may arise from Church Council – as per the succession planning discussed above – or from members. The formal process for nominating involves the completion of a nomination form signed by three Church members and the nominee. This form is submitted to the Church Secretary by the close of the third week prior to the Annual General Meeting where voting will take place. The nomination form is available via the link above or from the Church Secretary.

    Eligibility and Council Responsibilities 

    “Only members who have been members of the church for at least 12 months immediately preceding the election will be eligible for election to the Church Council.” [Constitution 7.3] 

    Council members are required to obtain a Directors ID, a police check and a working with children check as part of their induction. Company directorship laws require attaining the age of 18. 

    People nominated for Church Council should be: 

    • Qualified — see Acts 6: 1-7, 1 Timothy 3:8-13
    • Committed — to Christ and NewHope 
    • Gifted — good business/organisational acumen 
    • Relational — get on well with fellow workers 
    • Servant — leadership implies servanthood 
    • Proven — should have a good track record 
    • Responsible — there will be much work 
    • Positive — not resistant to progress or change 
    • Balanced — able to weigh up differing inputs

    In addition to the corporate responsibilities of the Council working together, [Constitution 7.1], the responsibilities of  individual members of Council include the following:

    • Maintain a strong relationship with God 
    • Sign the Leaders Code of Conduct
    • Director of incorporated associations:
    • NewHope Community Care Inc.
    • NewHope Custodian Inc.
    • Director of Company limited by guarantee:
    • NewHope Services Ltd
    • BUV Delegate
    • Attend 11 regular meetings + annual retreat + members meetings
    • NewHope Leadership gatherings e.g. Leadership dinner
    • Read and prepare for meetings
    • Regular engagement with NewHope church life
    • Commitment to advancing NewHope’s Vision & Mission & Values
    • Commitment to contemporary governance
    • Understanding and accepting the legal and moral responsibilities. See the ACNC’s Guide for Charity Board Members.

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