Life-giving Relationships

“I came that you may have life to the full”

– Jesus

People Matter Most

There is Always Hope

Grace Change Everything

Mission of God

We do not have a mission of our own, we participate in the mission of God in the world. The fruit of this is an abundant life of faith, hope and love. It is joyful togetherness for all people, animals and nature. Through these relationships God brings healing, hope, justice and peace. At NewHope we emphasise three aspects of our role in God’s mission.

Proclaiming the kingdom of God.

Making Jesus known.

Making disciples.




Way of Jesus

We each walk a unique path among different people in dynamic relational networks. But as we follow Jesus wholeheartedly, our WAY OF LIFE is profoundly similar. This is why the early Christians were called ‘Followers of The Way’ (Acts 9:1, Eph 4:20, 5:2). At NewHope we encourage one another towards commitments and postures that characterise this ‘Jesus Way of Life’ and foster life-giving relationships in all five circles. Our paths are dynamic and different, but our behaviour as disciples embodies Jesus’ Way of Life.

Our Life in the Spirit

NewHope is a group of people in covenant with each other seeking to maximise participation in God’s mission. We appoint leaders, pool and manage our resources (energy, time, finances, spiritual wisdom) and discern God’s unique corporate calling together. This enables us to provide contexts in which God’s mission can flourish in and around us. As we pray and serve and dream together we are embraced by God’s vision for NewHope. This is a continuous and iterative process of discovery, discernment and decision. It is work that we must do individually and together as God’s people.

When it comes time to make important decisions at NewHope – who will lead us, how will we spend our money and use our property, what rules will govern our life together – it is the members of the church who seek God and make these decisions together. If you would like to share in the care and nurture of NewHope’s life and mission, please consider becoming a member.

Our Strategy

Each year we establish a program and ministry budget and a handful of strategic themes which help us fulfil our purpose and navigate towards our vision.

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