Host A Group

Why Host?

Jesus call to His followers is to guide people to live in His ways and to follow Him!(Matthew 28:18-20). Hosting a group is all about leading others towards knowing and experiencing all that Jesus is calling them to. Group’s at NewHope tend to meet weekly or fortnightly and at a time that suits the Group best. Leaders of Groups at NewHope create an atmosphere of welcome, care and an intentionality towards faith in Jesus. All of NewHope’s leaders are appropriately screened and agree to NewHope’s Code of Conduct in Leadership.

Format of meeting together.

The current guidelines by the Australian Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic require NewHope Groups to meet in online formats. NewHope advises all Groups to abide by these requirements. Below are some recommended online platforms you could use to host your Group and tips on how to lead an online Group.

Register or start a Group.

Thank you for hosting a group with NewHope. So that we can connect people with your group and have relevant up to date information to support you, please complete this brief registration form.

All group leaders of NewHope are asked to have an up to date Working With Chldren’s Check and Police Check. 

Seven Tips for Groups Meeting Online.

  1. Be prepared – Provide your group with some content before you meet. If people have watched a video, listened to a podcast, read some scripture or reflected on a few questions before you meet, it will give you the best chance at having a successful conversation.
  2. Be welcoming, friendly and fun – Work hard to have a warm and engaging first few minutes together. Build some new habits as a group. Tell some jokes, each share an experience from the last week, ensure you say hello to each person by name. Ensure that everyone is engaged and welcomed from the start.
  3. Keep it moving – In face-to-face gatherings, silence is useful and necessary to allow people time to think. In an online platform it can affect conversation negatively. Keep conversation moving, invite people to share their pre-prepared thoughts. Expect that your overall time together will be shorter than a face-to-face gathering.
  4. Utilise mute – Consider asking people to have their microphone on mute so that background noise within their home does not disrupt the conversation. They will need to remember to unmute themselves in preparation to speak.
  5. Utilise chat – Invite guests to utilise the chat function so that they can pose questions to keep the conversation moving. This will enable them to stay involved while someone else is speaking. 
  6. Pray – Always spend some time praying together. Prayer will be the glue that binds us together and opens the way for God’s miraculous work through this season. Try different ways of praying each time you meet. 
  7. Set-up more connection opportunities – Set up a WhatsApp group, Facebook group or any other mechanism for your group to engage together throughout the week.


How else can your group function?

During this season of need consider how your group can become a cluster of people concerned with the needs of our local communities. Engage with your neighbours and see how your group can respond to the needs of the neighbourhoods you each represent. These might be needs for food, prayer, help around the house or gardening needs. There are great Kingdom opportunities for Jesus followers in this season of social distancing. We need to pray earnestly, think creatively and watch attentively to what the Spirit of God shows us!

Send in feedback!

When you meet together, take a selfie or screenshot and send it through to or hashtag #newhopemelb on Instagram and Facebook and tell us what you are praying for this week.

Leading a group.

Here you will find a number of resources to support your leadership of your group. We have developed some information regarding online platforms available for use, resources for groups and tips for groups meeting online.






    • It’s free!
    • Easy to use
    • Online tutorial support


    • Requires each member of conversation to have reasonable internet connection
    • There is a 40 minute time limit on the free version – but it is very easy to restart the conversation after 40 minutes.

How to access Zoom and make it work (Click button)

  • First – If you are the Leader of the group 
    • Create an account at
    • Once you enter your email address, Zoom will send you a link to activate your account.
    • Once you set up your account, you will then be able to schedule a meeting and invite guests to join. You can invite people to join by sending calendar invites or by copying and pasting the invitation into an email you send to others.
    • Guests will receive the invitation by email and be able to click on the link to download zoom and access your online meeting. Note: If they want to join via a mobile device they will need to download the free Zoom App.
    • Using the free Zoom account meeting times are capped at 40 minutes. You will notice a countdown for the last 10 minutes of your meeting time appear on the corner of the screen. Once you reach 40 minutes, Zoom will automatically disconnect your meeting. No problems! Everyone can simply go back to their emails and click on the original invitation link. It will join you back into the group for another 40 minutes.
    • Zoom provides the meeting host with links to tutorial videos on their account.
Facebook Messenger.


  • Does not require as strong an internet connection than other platforms.
  • No time limit. 


  • Fewer features – unable to mute if background noise is distracting.
  • Everyone meeting requires a Facebook account.

How to access Facebook Messenger and make it work (Click button)

  1. You must be signed up to Facebook to use this platform.
  2. Open your Facebook Messenger App on your phone or computer.
  3. Click on the ‘New Conversation’ button at the top of the page.
  4. Select the people you want to include in the conversation from your Friends List.
  5. Once all friends are selected, begin the conversation by clicking on the camera button at the top of your screen.
Google Hangouts.


  • No time limits.
  • Not every member of chat requires a google email to access the chat.



  • Host must have a Google account with a Google Hangout subscription.


How to Access Google Hangouts and make it work (Click button)

  1. At the top of your google account click on the nine dots (Google Apps).
  2. Select the Google Hangouts app or Google Meet if available.
  3. Once in the App, you will be able to invite others to join a meeting.
  4. Send the meeting code invitation to friends via email.
Anything Else.

If you are comfortable with another platform, which will enable your group to connect, use whatever will work for you and your group.

More Resources.

Every Sunday at 10am NewHope will release a new Online Gathering. Consider inviting your group to watch the material and then arrange a group meeting to discuss the content and pray together.

In this teaching series we will learn how to open ourselves to this ‘incoming tide of God’s life’. Together we will explore all that it means to have brand new hearts; to live victorious, empowered, beautiful lives as apprentices of Jesus.

During these unprecedented times that we are facing, we, as followers of Christ, are called to remember the unprecedented love that God has shown and continues to show us every day.  As Easter draws near, we especially think of the enormous sacrifice that God made for us.

Following Jesus.

Check out our resources on Following Jesus and the disciplines of Bible, Prayer and Generosity.

Hear stories from the persecuted church, podcasts from our team and lessons from our persecution experts. Pray for the global Church and follow discussion guides that will build your community of faith.

We are one body. One church. One family. We’re stronger together.

Let’s discover together, what it means to grow our hearts to be more like Jesus’ and sow into mission as we are called. A 4-part interactive small group series from Global Interaction.

Want to get connected?