The Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus. This diverse collection of ancient books overflows with wisdom for our modern world. As we let the biblical story speak for itself, we believe the message of Jesus will transform individuals and entire communities.

How to get more out of your Bible Reading.

Pray before starting.

Read whole chapters.

Focus on single verses or small passages.

Read surrounding passages for context.

Read other translations.

Try a bible reading plan or devotional.

Talk it through with a friend or small group.

Explore resources on this page.

Helpful Bible Resources.

Download the free Bible App today.

Great for translations, plans and a Bible on the go.

Download the Bible in One Year app.

Want to get to know the Bible?
We’ll take you through it, step by step.

With the mission to help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus, the Bible Project is a great resource to help you explore your faith. Watch free Bible videos on different books and themes of the Bible.

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