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NewHope hosts worship services every weekend. English: Sunday at 10am and 5pm, Chinese: Saturday 6pm, Persian: Sunday 10am. We encourage you to connect in one of two ways: in-person or online.

Connect In-Person.

English: Sundays 10am and 5pm. Chinese: Saturday 6pm. Persian: Sunday 10am

Be part of the in-person experience at 3 Springfield Rd, Blackburn North. Due to the current COVID-19 gathering restrictions there are two things you must do when attending in-person:

1. Register Online

We must limit the number of individuals in our building at any time. This limit is set by the DHHS. In order to make sure we don’t exceed this limit, everyone attending church in person must register beforehand.

Registrations for each service are made available 7 days before the service. We do not have a waiting list so please be respectful of others who also want to attend.

You can also register to attend Picnics in the Park each Sunday at 12pm following the online service. These events are open to everyone and capacity limits apply.


2. Check-In

Contact Tracing: Once you arrive at church, you must check-in using the Government Services QR code.

Capacity Requirements: We also ask you to check-in using the Church Online platform to help us track numbers. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Via the Church Centre App on your smart phone
  • In person with a member of the connect team

We encourage everyone to download the Church Centre app before attending to speed up this process.

Download the app


Use these FAQs to help understand how in-person services will happen at NewHope during the COVID-19 season.

How do I attend church in person?
To attend church you must register first through the website (see above). If there are no spaces available, you need to wait until the next service’s registrations are made available and try again. Registrations open the week before. Once registered, you must check in as you arrive at NewHope.
Are vaccinations required?

In this season of transition from lockdown to return, in-person gatherings held at 3 Springfield Road will be fully vaccinated events. Those over the age of 16 will need to show their vaccination certificate when checking in on the day.

How can I access my vaccination certificate?

If you require assistance in accessing your Vaccination Certificate, you can find helpful instructions on the Victorian Government website. You can also call Services Australia on 1800 653 809 and ask them to send your Immunisation History Statement to you if you do not have access to a smart phone.

What if I am not vaccinated?

If you are not fully vaccinated, we invite you to engage with our online worship service which is live-streamed at 10am each Sunday and available on-demand through the week on YouTube. There is also the opportunity to gather for a picnic with other NewHopers at 12pm following the service. To find out more, please follow this link.

If you would like to talk further or need assistance, please see our website or contact us on 9890 7999 or We desire to talk through any person’s unique challenges with compassion and a desire to support and care.

Do all my family or household members need to register to attend?
Yes, every single attendee of an in-person service must be registered regardless of age. Multiple household members can be registered by a single person through the online registration system.
What do I do if I am unable to register?
If you cannot register through the website due to technical issues, please contact the church office, telephone: 9890 7999.

If you cannot register because there are no spaces available, please wait until the next service is open for registrations and try again. Registrations open the week before a service.

Can I show up without registering?
No. Due to current COVID restrictions we must limit the total number of people in the building. As such it’s very important for all attendees to register ahead of time to ensure there’s a seat available for all who attend.
What do I do when I arrive at church?

You must check-in upon arrival.

Please use the Government Services QR code to adhere with contact tracing requirements.

We also ask you to help us track capacity numbers by checking in with the Connect Team when you arrive. The easiest and safest way is to download the Church Centre app from the App Store or Play Store (see the links above). Once downloaded you will be prompted to either search for NewHope Baptist Church or enable location services to automatically determine your location. As soon as you select NewHope you will be able to check in yourself and any other members of your family who are attending with you. Please note: this does not replace the need to check-in using the Government QR code. We ask that you do both.

We recommend you arrive by 9.45am. Please be patient when you arrive as we go through the process of checking in all attendees. The service will begin promptly at 10.00am.

Can my family sit together?

Yes, provided they have all registered and checked in before hand. The chairs in the auditorium will be positioned with space between each seat in keeping with the Government square meter rules for Covid safety, however, families and households are permitted to move closer to each other if they wish. We ask that all changes to the chair layout be reset once the service is concluded.

Are we allowed to sing together in church?

Yes, we are able to sign together as a congregation, however, masks must be worn at all times while inside.

What do I do if I am unable to attend after registering?

You will receive a confirmation email upon registering which will include a link to edit or cancel your registration if you are unable to attend the service. If you have any issues cancelling your own registration, please email ( or call the office (Tel: 9890 7999) as soon as you can and we will help. If you would like to nominate someone to take your place in the service you may do so.

How many services will there be per week?

There will be two English services, held on Sunday at 10am and 5pm. One Chinese service, held on Saturday at 6pm and one Persian service held on Sunday at 10am.

What time should I arrive at a service?
We strongly recommend everyone should aim to start arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the service starting. Please be patient when you arrive as we go through the process of checking in all attendees.
Is Kids Church running?

No, NewHope Kids will not be running at this time. However, we will have activity packs and special Kids Talks at each service. We invite your family to stop by the Kids Table in the main foyer to pick up your pack and say hi.

Is the Café open on Sundays?

No, Middle Ground Café will not be open on Sundays at this time.

Connect Online

Sundays 10am with Live Chat


Worship Online Together.

We can’t always meet together in one place, but wherever we do meet we know Jesus will be with us. Our online worship services are designed to be watched together, either in small groups or by yourself.

If you’d like to be in the service, we are looking for people to record the bible reading at home. If you’re interested, please register your name here.


Online Chat.

During our online services, our Online Hosting team will be available to chat with you to answer your questions, connect you with other ministries at NewHope and pray with you. To participate in the online chat, you need to have a YouTube or Google account.

If you would like to speak with someone outside of the service times, please contact the church office.


We want to pray with you.

We would love to pray with you during NewHope Worship Online. As you are watching, grab your phone and text the number on screen (top left) and a member of the Prayer Team will contact you.

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