Baptism & Membership

We are thrilled that you are exploring a next step of commitment here at NewHope. This online training will help you lean into your discipleship and mission calling boldly as you learn about believer’s baptism and the exciting step of joining NewHope as a member. Watch the videos and engage with the reflection exercises, then complete the application form and meet with a NewHope pastor. We look forward to talking with you very soon.

If you have already been baptised at another church and wish to transfer your membership to NewHope, watch Module 5, download and complete a Baptism & Membership Application Form and make an appointment to speak with a pastor.

Download a Transcript of all Modules and all Reflection Exercises

Download the Baptism & Membership Application Form

Module One.

True Life Through Jesus


Module Two.

Okay, but why be baptised?

Module Three.

How wet will I get and does an infant baptism count?

Module Four.

Nuts & Bolts of baptism at NewHope

Module Five.

The exciting step of membership at NewHope

Final Steps.

Step 1.

Download and complete the Baptism & Membership Application Form

Step 2.

If you are preparing for believer’s baptism download the Transcript and Reflection Exercises and engage with them. Bring this along when you meet with a pastor.

Step 3.

Make an appointment with a NewHope Pastor to discuss your application and have them sponsor your baptism / membership at NewHope.

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