We Help People Make and Multiply Life-Giving Relationships

No one should be left ‘outside’, alone, unsupported or forgotten. Everyone has value and the capacity to experience a full and rich life. We help each other become our best selves – what we were created to be – and we work together to transform the world around us. Education, medicine, sport, hospitality, ministry; these are all a means to an end; people living their lives to the full with deep joy and eternal hope, that is our end game (2 Corinthians 5:17). 


NewHope is a local church operating multiple social enterprises and growing hundreds of Communities of Hope 

Our inspiration and model is Jesus. He provides us with a spiritual foundation, a pattern for community and extraordinary endless hope. In practice this means that we are both radically inclusive, serving without discrimination and welcoming everyone into our circle of friendship; and uncompromisingly clear about Jesus as our point of reference. He is the one to whom we always defer, he is alive and present, ‘Jesus is Lord’. 

Love God, Love Others and Serve the World 

Following Jesus in the power of the Spirit, on mission, in community and through the disciplines or Bible, prayer and giving. 

Your support of this vision is greatly appreciated. You can make a one off gift or organise regular support by visiting the Give page on this website. 

NewHope has ‘rolling’ 5 year and 25 year vision statements which help us to focus forward with bold and faith-filled hope. They are reviewed, updated and shared each year as part of our strategic planning and leadership development processes. These are not ‘boasts’ of what we will do, rather they are expressions of what we are praying for and dreaming about as a consequent of the things we are faithfully doing today. Talk with a Ministry Staff member or a Church Council member if you would like to know more about these long term dreams and visions.