The Way of the Cross

A journey from words into silence
Station 5 – Carrying the cross
Read from the Bible.

Luke 23:26 -31

Listen to music.

We invite you to utilise this song as part of your time with God in reflection. You may like to close your eyes and listen to the words or read the words of the song as its playing, or you may have another meaningful song that reminds you of this part of The Way of the Cross.

Imaginative Contemplation.

The way of the cross is becoming harder and harder. The cross that Jesus bore – physically, mentally, spiritually  – is heavy. Jesus has chosen this way because you are so deeply loved that God would send his only begotten son to take upon himself your sins/your guilt. All of this weighs heavily on God’s shoulders. So much so that Jesus falls under the strain and another is commanded to carry it with Him. I wonder what this experience was like for Simon? In the time to come, would he reflect back on carrying of the cross with Jesus and know that Jesus was paying the price for his freedom too? Take some time in quietness with God to consider: When has your cross felt the heaviest recently? Have you recognised the cross on the shoulders of people you know, or as you watch or read the news? Where is God in these encounters? Pray for deepening awareness, understanding and compassion for yourself and others. How does the cross you bear affect your relationship with God?   

Artists info:

Title: Road to Calvary

Artist: Philip Lind

Description: I tried to portray the EMOTION of the participants of Jesus’ Journey to Calvary. Jesus had been flogged, spat upon, struck and with a crown of thorns jammed on His head thus He would have been physically and emotionally exhausted and unable to carry His cross. I carved Jesus still wearing the crown of thorns as this was used to signify he being ‘The King of the Jews’ by Pilate & the Romans both before and during the crucifixion. ROMAN SOLDIERS were confident and self-assured carrying weapons they latter used to break the legs of the dying criminals and to piece the side of Jesus. SIMON of CYRENE although physically strong he strained under the weight of the cross of Jesus. THE WOMEN who followed were distort with grief and sorrow, hardly believing what they were witnessing.

Connect with artist: I belong to a wood-carving club ( Woodcraft Manningham) and other interested persons would be welcome to join.