The Way of the Cross

A journey from words into silence
Station 4 – Crown of thorns/scourging
Read from the Bible.

John 19:1 – 16

Imaginative Contemplation.

Read through this scriptural account a few times slowly, so you feel more familiar with each part of the story. Then take time to close your eyes and imagine yourself in this biblical scene. Where are you in the scene – who are you?

Imagine the people’s faces, experience the noises of people talking and shouting. Get a sense of what the various characters in the story are feeling –  Pilate, soldiers, chief priest, leaders, Jesus and the crowds. What do you want to ask the characters in the story? What do you want to say to Jesus? What does Jesus want to say to you?

A poem to meditate on: 

Good Friday

Jesus, I want my sins back.
My prattle, pride, and private prices —
climbing, clinching, clocking —
I might loan you a few for the evening,
so you don’t show up at your own crucifixion
naked of all purpose.

But for God’s sake, don’t spill any
redemption on them! They’re my
signature looks. Body by Envy.
Make up & wardrobe provided by Avarice. Lord,
if you take away my inordinate cravings,
what the hell’s left? 

Do you know
how much I paid for my best rages?
I want them all back if they’re
so To Die For. 

Else shred my palms,
wash my face with spit, let the whip
unlace my flesh and free the naked blood,
let me be tumbled to immortality
with the stew of flood debris
that is my life.

Maria Melendez Kelson (Poetry, March 2014)


Artists info:

Title: Injustice, 2020

Artist: Sheridan Lee

Dried thorn rose stems, nails, ink marker, photographic images, vintage print Psalm 22, adhesive spray and body paint on medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

Artists Bio: Sheridan’s creativity began at an early age nurtured by her grandmother exploring and experimenting with textiles. Her artistic practice has extended into the fields of paper art, candid photography, ink, pigment and colour application and jewellery design. She approaches her current studio process in a cross-disciplinary manner, employing mixed media forms to diversify her body of work. 

Description: My work is a representation of Jesus’ experience of the scourging as the subject being spectated. His pain is reflected through the expressions of those depicted in the images that chart the margins of His human form. The words from Psalm 22:3 -15 and image of a weeping woman on Christ’s chest depict the unspoken suffering expressed between the Son, Father and Mother. Though the imagery is polarising, and may be uncomfortable to see, it is a portrayal of the severity of the injuries He sustained. 

I invite the viewer to look beyond the physicality of the apparatus causing Jesus’ pain, connect to and engage in the collective agony that was being felt by those present. There is a lifetime separating modern society from this inhumane flagellation,                                                                                                                                                  

“But it was because of our rebellious deeds that he was pierced
    and because of our sins that he was crushed.
    He endured the punishment that made us completely whole,
    and in his wounding we found our healing.”        

Isaiah 53:5 The Passion Translation