Navigate: How to think and act in God’s new ways.

Making right choices is so important. We want very much to navigate well.

In this teaching series, we will learn that upheaval and uncertainty are the best context for learning to follow Jesus. When our assumptions and habits are deeply challenged – as is happening in our world right now – God can lead us into wonderful new things. It can be life-giving.

We will explore the fascinating journey of the early church in Acts 10-15. Here we see the followers of Jesus making excellent choices – individually and together. They navigate well amid severe opposition, overt aggression and forced relocation. Far from choosing a safe path or retreating to their comfortable past, they begin to think and act in new ways, embracing the whole Gentile people into Jesus’ new family. Out of disruption and persecution there comes the joy of ‘Life in the Spirit’ and the glorious hope of God’s ‘Kingdom Come’. We can learn so much from these scriptures about navigating today in God’s new ways.


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