Throughout the series we will explore – under three different headings – the practical joys of welcoming God’s Spirit into our lives without reservation. 

First, when we are baptised in God’s Spirit, we have all that we need to become the New Humans God calls us to be. Our study of Romans 8, during the month of August, will give each of us the opportunity to lay claim to this life-giving promise. 

Second, as we seek God’s Spirit at work in the world today, our faith & courage is going to grow and we will experience signs of God’s New Creation in our midst. We will unpack the possibilities through a study of passages from the Gospels and 1 Corinthians 12-14 during the month of September.

And finally, when walking together in the fellowship of the Spirit, we are being formed by God into an incredible New Community (a church) that stewards God’s resources and makes the love of Jesus dramatically visible in our City.

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