Being With. The Gift of Relationship.

As Christmas approaches, we start thinking about gifts. Who should we buy for? What should we buy? And how much should we spend? There’s a lot to do. And sadly, if we are not careful, all that ‘doing’ can crowd out what is most important – the glorious gift of simply ‘BEING WITH’ each other, the gift of good relationships. 

The scriptures make it clear that God really wants to be with us. And he wants us to be very present to each other – in healing, helping, hospitable ways. In the coming months, we will explore this theme which is at the core of our NewHope strategy and central to what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We will explore practical ways that we can be more attuned, attentive and appreciative of those around us – exactly as Jesus was.  

The whole point of Christmas is to receive the gift of God’s loving presence and then re-gift that peace-filled hope to others. This is counter-cultural. If you want an awesome Christmas in 2022, shorten your ‘wish list’ and lengthen your ‘with list’. 


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