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Generosity is attractive. When you hear a story of sacrificial kindness it tends to warm your heart and make you want to be like the hero in the story. We all love a cheerful giver. Recent science tells us that humans are biologically wired to experience joy when we give to others. The reason for all of this is simple, our creator God in whose image we are made, is the most generous being in the universe. God’s people are invited and empowered to lead the way in Crazy Generous Living; what a powerful witness to the truth of God in everyday life.

Relationships that empower, inspire and help us build capacity are the gold standard; such life-giving relationships are what God invests in and what he wants for and from each of us. In this teaching series we will explore the spiritual foundations and the practical habits that contribute to fantastic relationships. We will find all of this and more as together we study the Gospel of John.

We will explore how our stories can be impacted and transformed by God’s big story. We can all become amazing ‘characters’ in God’s mission and in each other’s lives. We can each build a legacy that matters and flourish as we negotiate the twisted plotlines of our lives held in God’s loving embrace.

Hallelujah: Born to Praise invites us to look up! What could be more appropriate – as we prepared for Christmas and enjoy the refreshment of summer – then to Praise God from whom all our blessings flow. During this season we will learn to live Hallelujah lives.

Sometimes the way forward is to go back to the beginning. Sometimes the way to understand more is to think about less. Sometimes the way to grow is to start again. This teaching series is inspired by a letter to Allan entitled ‘Questions For Allan’ in which a child in NewHope’s congregation asks some simple yet challenging questions to our senior pastor.