Story of Hope: Living Liturgically

Published on November 3, 2022

Priya De Mel is one of the amazing people who volunteers at the Forest Hill Chase Community Space. Here she tells of the impact a simple conversation can have when we see our lives as acts of worship to God.

“I had a lightbulb moment during pastor Allan’s message on Sunday morning (16/10). Allan’s encouragement to us was don’t just “do” liturgy, but “learn to live liturgically”. I realised that this is what I and many of us who volunteer at the hub, get the opportunity to do! We get to meet, chat and hopefully ‘shine’ and be a presence and witness to the love of God, in the midst of a secular and anti-God culture!

Those who visit or attend regularly come from all walks of life and across the generations, many looking for connection and a sense of belonging.

Recently I met Anna (not her real name) and her 2 toddlers. Whilst the kids played, Anna and I chatted. She shared with me how the hub was helping one of her children, Tom (not his real name), who had just recently been diagnosed with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder). While Tom finds many other settings very challenging, he is happy and settled at the hub – she is hopeful that the hub will prepare him emotionally for his next big step into Kindergarten. Anna then shared with me a number of other significant challenges she and her family are facing and the impact this is having on her and the sacrifices she has had to make.

Listening to Anna made my heart ache for this remarkable young woman. How could I encourage and instil a sense of hope for the future without mentioning God? What I saw was bucket loads of courage, strength, tenacity and resilience and so I told her so. Anna smiled and responded ‘do you really think so?’ I sensed that I had done what God would have me do in that moment. Today as I write this, I realised I was ‘living liturgically’. I am now looking forward to many more opportunities to ‘ live liturgically’ wherever and with whomever I find myself with.”

Thank you Priya for sharing your story of hope with us! If you have a story to encourage, inspire or bless our NewHope family, why not send it to We’d love to hear how God is at work in your life.

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