Stories of Hope from NewHope Community Care

Published on December 6, 2021

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We’re delighted to share with you 3 good news stories from NewHope Community Care.

Work Tools for Our Persian Community

S is an Iranian young man who works as a handyman. A few months ago in the early morning when he left home to go to his work, he was shocked to find his old van’s window was broken. In his distress, he also realised that someone has broken into his van and had stolen almost all of his tools.

For many days he was not able to work. Eventually, worried about missing work, he contacted his friends to see if someone could lend him some tools. This worked to some extent for S, but he had to return his friends’ tools back when they needed them.

A few weeks ago, through the generosity of NewHope members, S received some Bunnings vouchers as a gift and was able to purchase the most essential tools. Now he is able to continue his work without frequent interruptions. S and his family believe the gift they received from the NewHope family is a gift from God, and it reminds them that they are not alone. They thank NewHope family for caring about them and sharing in their burdens without any hesitation.

English & The Bible Classes

“Since Covid spread to Australia, Victoria had been in lockdown most of 2020 to 2021. Many things have changed, so has EAL Bible class.

It was a very challenging time, we moved from face-to-face to Zoom classes. Many elderly students dropped out because they did not know how to use Zoom, many could not return from abroad because of boarders’ closure.

We thank God, in spite of all these setbacks, God continues to protect this ministry. We are able to run Zoom classes throughout the years on Saturday at 3.30pm; the teaching team persevere with strength and joy.

We look forward to next year, trusting God Himself will open more doors.”
Swee Lau – Ministry Leader

A Journey out of Homelessness

Just a few weeks ago, a Care Worker from the Gippsland Area made contact with NHCC and passed on the name of a man ‘P’ who was moving into the area. P had been sleeping in his car for the last 7 months, and had found a cheap share house rental close to NewHope.

P made contact and within a week we had arranged a bed, a fridge (courtesy of a NewHope family), a bedside table and a set of drawers courtesy of Eastern Emergency Relief. P also had found a trial work position, but needed medications to keep him stable and a 2nd vaccination to acquire the position.

We were able to connect him to NewHope Medical along with a food parcel to see him through to his first pay-check.

This week, we helped P get his double Vaccination certificate sent to his new boss and saved on his phone, and he asked, ‘What is this place?’ We told him it’s a church and he replied, ‘That’s great – I’ve been wanting to go to a church, as I’ve been praying.’ We offered to pray for P and he’s saying he’d like to come along this Sunday! Praise God for the generosity of our community that we can make these things happen.

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