NewHope’s AGM – 30 November 2020

Published on October 25, 2020

Last updated on November 30 4:05pm AEDT

About the 2020 AGM

The NewHope Baptist Church Annual General Meeting will be held online this year on the 30th of November at 7pm. We will combine the AGM with the regular Budget Meeting.

Church Council Nominations

We have three nominations for Church Council positions to bring to the membership: Darryn Hockley, Murray Baird and Monique Jaksic. We will provide detailed information to support the voting processes soon. Given the long delay, Church Council has decided to open the nomination process to give our membership the opportunity to nominate additional names if desired. There are two vacancies for ordinary members of Church Council. You can read the nomination procedure and find the required paperwork HERE. Please reachout to if we can provide information or support.

Agenda and Meeting Info Pack

To help ensure a successful meeting we ask that this document is carefully reviewed prior to the meeting.  If you have any questions about the information provided it would be most helpful if you can email prior to Monday 30th November, you will also be able to ask questions and provide input during the live meeting.

Click here to download the AGM info pack and agenda


To assist with ensuring that we have the right resources to present and run our meeting please register your attendance.  Please check back on this page for further updates closer to the AGM.

How to Access the Members Meeting

All those who have registered will receive a link to the meeting. If you have not received your link, prior to 7PM please go to and click on “Join” and then enter the Meeting ID below.


When you attend the meeting you will not require a microphone or a webcam. If during the meeting there is a requirement for you to use a microphone (e.g. to clarify a question that you have asked) this can be enabled (with your approval). If you have a problem accessing the meeting, Kent Burley will be assisting with technical support (with others) and can be contacted on 0409 540 789. If in doubt we encourage you to test your connection by seeing the FAQ section below.


Why are we holding a members meeting online?

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not able to gather together in person. Despite this, it is important that we do come together to have our AGM and budget meeting to enable questions to be asked and answered as well as to vote on important matters. We were hopeful early on in 2020 that we would be able to gather together in person but after waiting it become obvious that this was not going to be possible. Many churches have run online meetings like this and despite the changes that this will mean, we are confident that it will be productive, informative and a great time to come together.

Will an online meeting limit our ability to vote and engage?

We are doing everything possible to help ensure that the online meeting is accessible to everyone and to ensure that everyone is able to engage in the meeting together. No technology can fully replicate a face to face experience but the team is working hard to overcome all of the differences that an online meeting presents. During the meeting, like our pre-COVID meetings there will be opportunity to ask questions and engage, however this will be done mainly through written questions as opposed to verbally. To help ensure that everyone can engage, we encourage members to explore the information pack when it becomes available on November 20th and to ask questions in advance where possible to help ensure that all questions are answered and the discussion that needs to be had can be had on the night for everyone.

What do I need to do to be able to access the members' meeting?

The meeting will be run using Zoom as a Webinar. Church Council Members will be presenting and answering Questions. All attendees will be able to ask questions via the Zoom Webinar Q&A function which is visible to all. Members do not need a webcam to attend the meeting and as long as you have a device with internet there is no cost to anyone to access the Zoom Webinar, you also do not need a Zoom account.

You can access the meeting on any device (Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, PC, Windows or Mac). Depending on the device that you access the meeting from you may need to install a free Zoom program.

If you have not used Zoom before you can join a test Zoom Meeting by going to on your device to ensure in advance that you are able to access Zoom

Why don’t we have everyone present using a webcam so that we can see everyone and engage together?

Having an online meeting with hundreds of video feeds and audio inputs active at once creates significant interference that would block effective communication. Many of us have experienced meetings where video and audio feeds have created distraction. This does not mean that we want to discourage great questions and discussions, but to enable this to occur it will be done mainly in writing via the meeting Q&A section.


How will voting work?

We will use the power of digital technology to vote.  Those in attendance will be provided with a link that they can visit on their computer or mobile device to vote.  Voting is a critical part of members meetings and all members present will need to vote.  We do expect that many members will be joining the meeting on one computer together (for example, one household together) and we will allow time for everyone to vote (either from that computer or from another device such as a mobile phone at the same time).  We will be applying the same standards to voting as we have done in the past.

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