NewHope Medical Update

Published on October 5, 2020

The doctors at NewHope Medical are still smiling, even though you can’t see them behind their masks! Doctors Jo, Genny and Rachel are busy providing health care in a slightly different way, by phone and video calls. However, we know there are times when you do need to see a doctor or nurse face to face, and we are happy to arrange this.

Counselling and psychology sessions are now by phone or video, as we try to keep the number of people in the building to a minimum. A benefit of this is that we have an increased number of appointments on Monday to Friday plus some after hours. Harsha, Sarah, Christy and Kenneth are available to talk through any concerns you may have.

Many situations have arisen over the past months where people who were already alone and were now also isolated, and these have given us opportunities to help our community in unheard of ways – helping isolated people to connect with others, supporting those who had unexpected hospital admissions and no support networks (feeding cats!), surprising older patients with afternoon tea or snacks, deliberately taking more time in routine phone calls to allow the patient to have a conversation with us and feel connected. We are grateful for these extra opportunities to offer some additional support and care to our patients.

We have engaged with a number of professional recruitment agencies, in our search for more doctors and psychologists. It has been a struggle to find Christian practitioners in line with the vision for the medical centre, and we have felt this even more strongly this year. Word of mouth is a very important avenue not just for new patients but also to recruit new practitioners. We value your help in this and ask you to please continue to put NewHope Medical forward both as a place to work and as a centre with excellent Christian doctors. Although we are realising our vision to be a positive impact in the community, please pray with us for God to lead more doctors to NewHope Medical, so that we can also be self-sufficient.

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