NewHope Baptist Church AGM

Published on March 4, 2021

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The Annual General Meeting for NewHope Baptist Church will be held on Monday 29 March 2021 at 7.30pm at the NewHope Community Centre.

We will once again have a HYBRID meeting where you can choose to either attend in-person or online. The Vimeo link for online attendance will only be e-mailed to you on the day of the meeting. May we encourage you to attend in-person if you can. If you choose to attend online, please ensure that you use a unique e-mail address per person in a household to enable you to vote.

The following items will be discussed at the meeting:

1. The outcome of the auction to purchase 3 Dale Court, Blackburn

2. Presentation of the Annual Report for 2020

3. Endorsement of Church Council Members for next two yea term:

(a) Andrew Gale as Finance Director

(b) Liza Somers

(c) Tristan Ellett

4. 2020 Financial Report (pre-audit)

5. 2021 Financial Update

6. Ministry Updates

If you are registering for the Online Meeting you will be required to engage in the meeting via the Vimeo chat function (from a PC or MAC) and voting (for members only) will be done via pre-registered email using Survey Monkey, if you are not comfortable with either of this technology we kindly ask you that you register to attend in person instead. The Vimeo link for online attendance and a voting email will be e-mailed to you on the day of the meeting.  It is important for Online attendees that each person who registerers or that you register on behalf has a UNQIUE e-mail address (this is a requirement to enable you to vote – email addresses are not able to be shared), if this is not possible we kindly ask you that you register to attend in person instead.

Register Online

Register In-person


Download the 2020 Annual Report

Download the AGM Agenda

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