Light Up Whitehorse in Prayer

Published on July 5, 2022

A strong sense of the presence of God and the Holy Spirit descended as the Combined Churches of Whitehorse joined to pray together for a ‘week of prayer’. From Monday May 30th until Thursday June 2nd.

On what felt like arctic evenings we felt the beautiful fire of God’s presence as we sang and prayed. We even enjoyed hot chocolate and prayer at one evening at St Tom’s. Each of the 4 hosts – Catholic, Anglican and Baptist churches – led prayer that reflected their flavour of expression.

What we noticed at each event was a sense of community and connectedness with followers from all over the city displaying love and respect, an appreciation of our different expressions but same spirit. There were moments of precious presence as we worshipped God and prayed for our city together. Each night was creative and diverse.

The week concluded at NewHope where our creative prayer teams set up the room for people to move about to different focuses of prayer – the nations represented in our city, prayer for restoration, our parks and outdoor spaces, a blessing station with balloons and bubbles, and even a prayer doodling table.

The WCC week of prayer is an important part of our annual calendar at NewHope. Keep praying for our city – blessing and expectation.

– Cathy De Witt
Pastor of Prayer and Care

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