Generous – We Commit

Published on November 4, 2020

Generous – We Commit.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us” (1 John 3:1)

Pastor Allan wrote in his recent email…..

Generosity affects the personality of the whole church. When the majority of people give freely in response to God’s great kindness and we pool our money to do God’s work together, something wonderful unlocks, spiritual power is released. This is what happened in the book of Acts.

God loves a church of cheerful givers because His kingdom work can flow freely among them. A generous church is a joyful church and a fruitful church. This is our vision at NewHope.

Thank you to our committed givers. Your faithfulness enables life-giving ministry. Together we are reaping the godly rewards of that faithfulness. We celebrate you! And we ask you to renew your commitment as we look to 2021.

We need new givers. NewHope has 1000+ households and 600 member households. But only 188 households give regularly to the ministry work and another 104 households give occasionally*. This picture underscores the significant opportunity for us working together.

2020 has been an extraordinary year. Some have suffered job losses and income cuts while others have continued to work and even to make gains during the year. The church needs to stand together in times like this. God has blessed NewHope and our financial position for 2020 looks strong.

2021 presents huge uncertainties. Many people are vulnerable. The church’s ministries are needed more than ever. In order to manage the risks we have reduced the size of NewHope’s budget, and now we are calling for fresh giving commitments so we can grow our impact in a time of great opportunity.

Through the month of November, we will make generosity commitments as the NewHope family. Our Church Council asks everyone to take some time and participate prayerfully. Many will do this on behalf of an entire household. Ask God to help you as you exercise faith and discernment. Give as he blesses you and calls you. Expect him to stretch you and grow you and smile upon you. This is incredibly important work because our generosity is a true barometer of our spiritual health.

As you pray and determine what God is inviting you to do, visit NewHope’s website HERE and do one or both of these things:

  • Commit to regular giving – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our ministry involves many long term commitments that require faithful recurring support. Sometimes there are special things that we focus on, things that stir our excitement, but most of our work is steady, slow and long term. We need a strong, wide base of predictable support. Please recommit or become a new regular giver to the ministry work of NewHope.
  • Commit to a gift for the first quarter (Jan-Mar) of 2021. Perhaps you are unable to make a regular commitment at this time but you can promise a gift at the start of the year. Or maybe you are able to add a one off-gift in the first quarter to your regular giving commitment. We are incredibly grateful for each occasional gift and every valued giver.

We urge every person (household) at NewHope to participate generously.


God will provide for us and sustain us all as we take up his calling of generous stewardship in response to his lavish love.

Take a Selfie. On Sunday 6 Dec 2020 we will celebrate our generosity commitments. Take a selfie like the ones below after you have made your commitment and participate in the celebration together by sending it to or messaging us on our social media platforms.


We would love to support you as individually and specifically as you would like. You can email for general assistance or reach out to NewHope’s finance director for support.

Please note: Our focus at this time is NewHope’s ministry fund which does not issue tax deductible receipts. If you want to discuss tax deductible giving please contact us.
* You can revisit an email sent to members on 7 August and another sent to all our supporters on 4 September in which we presented more detail.

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