Farsi Friendship Project

Published on April 6, 2022

You can support our Farsi-speaking Friends, all over the world, by giving to the 2022 Good Friday Offering.

Our Farsi Ministry Team are developing digital media platforms to share the love of God, His peace and His joy with a less-reached (and unreached) group of Farsi speaking Muslim communities who have no opportunity to connect to Christian communities and learn about the love of God. Because of a generous grant, the Farsi Friendship Project is underway and we are very excited.

We believe this opportunity is the amazing work of God’s grace, building and extending our ongoing Persian ministry. And we invite NewHope to participate by giving to the 2022 Good Friday Offering.

CONTEXT. In the last decade, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of people who have left their homeland to seek refugee status in other countries (according to UNHCR, it is estimated at 26.6 million refugees and 4.4 million asylum seekers as of mid 2021). The number for Afghans and Iranians is around 2.8 million and 1 million respectively. The majority of these people are seeking to take refuge in western countries. They all need love and care.

For example, Australia has received around 26,000 applications (this would include around 100,000 people) for humanitarian visas during 2021 (theguardian.com 11.10.2021). Most of these people carry devastating burdens and are in substantial need, not only physical but also significant emotional and spiritual burdens caused by war, trauma and displacement.

Through a growing digital platform, and a robust ‘Local Commons’ support system at NewHope, we will reach more of these people and embrace them with LOVE in their own language. The Farsi Friendship Project will provide invaluable opportunities to connect with them, serve them, carry their burdens and share God’s love with them. We believe this movement will create new communities of hope with people who will join us (in virtual groups or local churches) in following Jesus Christ in Melbourne, Australia, inside Iran and Afghanistan and around the world.

OPPORTUNITY. Our 2022 Good Friday Offering will go towards this project. You can participate in a work of ‘amazing grace’ in the lives of displaced and dispirited Farsi Speakers this month. Take action now by making a direct deposit into the NewHope Ministry Account.

BSB: 033 113
Account: 117679
Reference: GoodFriday

Your generosity will make a world of difference. Visit the Giving page HERE.

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