Farsi Friendship Project: Welcome Majid and Marjan

Published on August 3, 2022

We would like to welcome Majid Soltanzadeh and Marjan Marjani to the NewHope staff team!

Majid and Marjan will be joining the Farsi Friendship Project and working alongside Pastor Sam Farbod and the team to develop digital media platforms to share the love of God with a less-reached (and unreached) group of Farsi speaking Muslim communities.

The Farsi Friendship Project will provide invaluable opportunities to connect with people in their own language as we seek to serve them, carry their burdens and share God’s love with them. We believe this movement will create new communities of hope with people who will join us (in virtual groups or local churches) in following Jesus Christ in Melbourne, Australia, inside Iran and Afghanistan and around the world.

Thanks to a generous grant, and the generosity of many NewHopers who have given to support this opportunity, the Farsi Friendship Project is well underway and we are very excited to welcome Majid and Marjan to the team.

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