CARE AT NEWHOPE – Early 2023

Published on December 14, 2022

We seek to foster a culture of care at NewHope where every disciple of Jesus exercises their responsibility to care for one another. The primary place of care at NewHope is among NewHope’s groups and ministry/service teams where we have the opportunity to be known and to travel alongside one another. 

Teams of volunteer carers provide wonderful practical support and systematically connect with people who are shut in and those who need special care. If you would like to join one of the care teams please reach out to 

Alongside all of this, we have had a Pastor of Pastoral Care on the staff team providing care in crises, complex situations and long-term cases. This Pastor liaises with other pastors in identifying who will respond to specific pastoral care needs and coordinating our collaborative efforts of support.

We are currently seeking the right person to take up this role and in the meantime these responsibilities will be shared across the pastoral team.

To reach out for pastoral care during this season, continue to call or email the church office and a pastor will respond. If you’re calling because the matter is urgent and time sensitive, please make this clear.

If you have a request for prayer, or would like to share something you are praising God for, please email

NewHope sends out urgent prayer requests as soon as possible and also shares a prayer and praise email twice a month. If you would like to receive that communication, please email

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