Branding Refresh

Published on September 14, 2021

Over the next few months you will start to see some updates to the NewHope branding across our digital and print platforms, including the refreshed logo above.

Why the change?
In May we hired an external Communications Strategist to provide input and expertise into the way we communicate at NewHope. One of the recommendations from this project was an overhaul of our branding guidelines and a refresh of our logo in order to develop a consistent look and feel across the life of NewHope, including our enterprises. The average life-cycle of a logo is 5-10 years, which we’ve reached, and after proceeding via Church Council we’ve decided it’s time for a refresh.

This is a refresh, not a rebranding.
We desire to hold onto the heart of our current design while also elevating the brand for a new season. The change is subtle but it carries an array of meanings.

What do you see when you look at the refreshed logo? 
Maybe you see a flame to represent the Spirit, water symbolising baptism and new life, a leaf reminding us to stay connected to the vine, or maybe even a teardrop to represent care for a broken world.

May this be an image that underscores our vision and mission as followers of Jesus at NewHope.

The Rollout.
The rollout of the refreshed branding will be gradual and in line with our planned budget timeline. Much of the work will also be done in-house. You’ll first start to see the refreshed branding on our digital platforms, such as the website and social media. From there, we’ll start to update print media and brochures. The final step will be the signage around the building, which will be introduced throughout next year.

Look out for these changes as they unfold around NewHope. And why not join us in praying for the kind of refresh of the Spirit that goes wider than a brand!

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