2021 National Church Life Survey: Why is NewHope Involved?

Published on October 27, 2021

Why is NewHope participating in the 2021 National Church Life Survey?

For nearly 30 years, NCLS Research has helped churches to nurture life and health in their congregation, leaders and local community. The National Church Life Survey (NCLS) is held in partnership with over 20 denominations and movements in Australia. Providing an evidence base to inform strategic and pastoral planning, the NCLS resources aim to be credible, practical and easy to use.

The shape of religion in Australia is undergoing significant change. At an individual level, the experience and engagement with spiritual questions is changing, particularly among the young. In both the local and national context, the institutional church is renegotiating its role in Australian society.

Australia is the fourth most multicultural nation in the world (after Luxembourg, Israel and Switzerland). Migrant-ethnic communities are part of the changing face of Australian religiosity and will continue to have impact. There is some evidence that religious migrants and non-English speaking faith communities are a source of new life in Christian communities. There are also various challenges that accompany a multicultural church. In addition, adherents of other faiths add to the changing religious landscape.

The National Church Life Survey has been a tool to hear the voices of many of the participants in this period of change and results have been provided to these participants to help equip them to move forward. Providing the platform for a wide range of voices within church life as well as life-giving processes continues to be a motivator for this style of project.

Some of the research questions that are of interest are: What is the lived experience of faith for individual Australians? How does personal wellbeing and faith intersect? What is the nature of local church vitality? What is the nature of effective leadership? How are individuals and churches involved in broader social issues and even social change? What contribution is being made to the social capital of Australia?

NewHope will be participating in the 2021 National Church Life Survey and more details will follow later in November on how you can be involved and complete your survey. We are looking forward to receiving YOUR input.

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