Most of us are rich compared to the rest of the world.  What does generosity look like for us – for you and for me?  It will not be the same for everyone, but all of us can serve and sacrifice.

It is not just random acts of kindness.  Our lifestyle takes on new disciplines and priorities.  We want to serve others. We want to give our income regularly and proportionately, and sacrifice from our wealth.  

For NewHopers this means owning the responsibility to support together what God has called us to resource.  

What is the next step for you?  Your contribution, no matter the size, does make a difference.  

Go to the Care page where you can offer help of various kinds:  

  • Chat to someone via phone or Zoom
  • Provide IT support 
  • Pick up essential items from grocery stores or pharmacies
  • Walk a dog
  • Assist in outdoor home maintenance
  • Deliver a NewHope Community Care food parcel 

Complete the online form and you will be contacted with more details. 

Go to the Give page ,which makes it easy to contribute.  Our finance staff are also always available to confidentially answer questions.  Just ring the church office on (030 9890 7999.

Impact others through each of the following three funds: 

  • Give to the Ministry of NewHope
    Support our home-base, enabling staff to facilitate all that we do together, including online resources.
  • Give to NewHope Global Partners
    Support our NewHope Global partners, enabling others in many different nations.
  • Give to NewHope Tax Deductible Fund
    Support NewHope Community Care, our public benevolent institution providing practical support and relief for those who need it the most.

Following Jesus.


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Giving, and serving in counter cultural ways.


More Resources.

Teaching Series.

Teaching Series.

Following Jesus.

Allan Demond, Following Jesus p105-112.  Copies available from the church office, Koorong bookshop or ebook platforms.


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