Following Jesus
Jesus has given the world an amazing privilege – the opportunity to be apprenticed in abundant human experience – life to the fullest! He offers practical wisdom, spiritual enablement and the power to start a new life. He teaches love and forgiveness, mercy and justice. He models extraordinary goodness and embeds unthinkable peace in the souls of his students. Join us as we follow Jesus!

The church has understood this privilege for centuries and has developed tried and true disciplines – practices that actually lead to dramatically changed lives.

Use the links below to explore the habits Jesus taught and with a little practice your inner world will awaken and your whole body will be transformed. Put in some effort and soon your heart will ‘burn within you’ as you read the Bible. Learn the art of prayer and you will experience God as a loving companion guiding your whole life. And with a little focus, generosity will become a joy inducing reflex that aligns your everyday actions with the kingdom of God. In short, you will become like Christ!


Discover the living word.


Real conversation with God.



Giving, and serving in counter cultural ways.


Jesus’ mission, the biggest thing in the cosmos, is compelling and captivating. In Following Jesus, Allan Demond uses fresh, clarifying images to explain God’s incredible cosmic enterprise. Any of us can join the movement and ‘follow Jesus in the power of the Spirit, on mission, in community and through the disciplines of Bible, prayer and giving.’ This book will give you the intellectual confidence and practical capacity to find and foster hope – on a cosmic scale.

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