Wadaiko Rindo Student Concert
Wadaiko Rindo Student Concert

The annual Wadaiko Rindo student concert is back. After the long COVID-19 period, we have recovered from silence, and several new pieces were created during the self-restraint period.  As such, the theme of this year’s concert is “復活 Revival & 創生 Creation.”

With special guests

  • ICHIMADIN – Okinawa Music
  • RIN-PA (凜派)  female samurai sword performance team

WADAIKO RINDO, Japanese Drumming, Annual Students Concert

Pre-sales: $22.00 (incl. senior)/$16.50 (under 16)

Door sales:$25.00(incl. senior)/$20.00 (under 16)

Guest performers: ICHMADIN (Okinawan Music), RIN-PA (Girls samurai sword performance Team)

More info: Toshi Sakamoto  toshi@wadaikorindo.com

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