EXPAND Info Session
EXPAND Info Session

EXPAND is a 6 month experience seeking to equip and form emerging leaders at NewHope in their leadership and discipleship journey. Participants will be invited to explore how they can thrive in core discipleship practices such as bible reading, prayer, prophecy and evangelism. Participants will be given the opportunity to gain practical experience in a missional setting (likely Friday afternoons) as well as open invitation to other outreach opportunities. Ongoing input will be provided relating to leadership skills and character formation while participants actively reflect on the unique gifts God is stirring in them.

Sessions will be hosted on the 4th Sunday of each month from 3:00-4:45pm at NewHope (Feb – July) with a weekend retreat in April/May (date TBC). Participants will be provided with a book to read during the 6 month period, session notes and a leadership profile (to be completed during the weekend retreat).

Sessions will be interactive and participants will shape the direction of the program as they are asked to provide leadership, feedback and input into each session

Cost: $75 for the full program for each participant.

Hosts: Lance Blythe & Adam Southwood with guest presenters at each Sunday session

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