Connect with the Heart of NewHope
Connect with the Heart of NewHope

Connect with the Heart of NewHope

We’d love to connect. We’d love to hear your heart and share some things about the heart of NewHope.

If you have come to NewHope more recently, or if you’d like to reconnect with the Pastors and some members of Church Council, this event is for you.

Wednesday 12 October, 7:30-9:30pm
at NewHope, 3 Springfield Rd., Blackburn North

The program will include a presentation from our Senior Pastor Allan and opportunities to connect with each member of the Leadership Team – Allan, Katrina, Lance, Surette. Some Council members will join us as well. We’ll share with you about the things that excite us at NewHope. We’ll invite you to engage with our sense of Mission that underwrites all we do, the Values that shape our culture and the Strategy of making and multiplying life giving relationships as disciples of Jesus in the five circles of relationship.

There will be avenues for you to explore further connection at NewHope in Groups and Service opportunities.

Want to get connected?