NewHope’s COVID Response


Care & Connection

We are committed to providing multiple opportunities for people in many different situations to experience CARE & CONNECTION in this season.




We are committed to safety in all our gatherings.




We are committed to the unity of God’s people; our oneness in Jesus Christ our Lord.




We are committed to individuals. We will listen, bring practical care and support as desired, and continue to revisit our plans and refresh our pathway as we discern the Spirit’s leading each step of the way. 


If you would like to talk about your unique situation or insights, or if we can provide care, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 9890 7999 or


For information about attending an in-person service, please visit

How is NewHope making decisions about gatherings at this time?

As NewHope negotiates our obedience to God’s mission call, our leaders are much in prayer. The Church Council meets to discuss, pray and decide on the best course of action at intervals throughout this changing season. We take advice from our Baptist Union of Victoria who dialogue with the Government and advocate on our behalf for the vulnerable. We reach out to those most impacted and listen to their significant stories. We work in solidarity with the local Whitehorse Churches whose leaders meet regularly and share a common passion for God’s mission. Our NewHope Staff Team is a constant source of excellent, on the ground, individual experience, and wise Godly counsel. And we seek open dialogue with people who hold different points of view on the best path forward.

Are vaccinations required at NewHope?

Worship Gatherings: Consistent with the latest government announcement to ease restrictions for places of worship, we will not be checking vaccination status at in-person worship gatherings from this weekend (19 Dec). Please note that our Kids Church workers are all fully vaccinated and we are continuing to implement updated COVIDsafe protocols. Our online worship will continue. We respect the decisions of each person as we negotiate different vulnerabilities and challenges in our families and various networks. We continue to pray for and support one another.

Middle Ground Café and Events: In line with current Government restrictions, those attending Middle Ground Café and some other events at NewHope Community Centre (3 Springfield Rd) are required to be fully vaccinated or hold a valid exemption if 12 years & 2 months and older. Some events at NewHope may require registrations, please visit for more information on individual events. 

NewHope Community Care: Essential public support services (such as Food Pantry) are available to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. We do ask that everyone checks-in with the appropriate Government Services QR code to adhere with contact tracing requirements.

How can I access my vaccination certificate?

If you require assistance in accessing your Vaccination Certificate, you can find helpful instructions on the Victorian Government website. You can also call Services Australia on 1800 653 809 and ask them to send your Immunisation History Statement to you if you do not have access to a smartphone.

What if I am not vaccinated?

Everyone is welcome to engage with our Online Worship Gathering which is live-streamed at 10am each Sunday, or join us for one of our In-Person Worship Services consistent with the latest government announcement to ease vaccination restrictions for places of worship.

NewHope Community Care is also able to offer essential public support services (such as Food Pantry) to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. We do ask that everyone checks-in with the appropriate Government Services QR code to adhere with contact tracing requirements.

If you would like to talk further or need assistance, please contact us on 9890 7999 or We desire to talk through any person’s unique challenges with compassion and a desire to support and care.

What COVIDSafe plans are in place?

NewHope is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone. Along with following current Government restrictions (social distancing, hand sanitiser station etc.) we have implemented a COVIDSafe plan which includes increased cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces.

Why are we following these rules and restrictions?

As Victoria opens, a significant spike in new infections is predicted. This puts our medical sector at risk, as well as those persons most vulnerable to infection. We must pray for the well being of all and wisdom for our government at this time. 

We expect the State Government to ease restrictions as it is able, without crashing the health care system. And we expect the Government to keep this season of restrictions as short as possible as we all continue this arduous journey from global pandemic to a society in which COVID-19 is endemic and no longer a cause for restrictions. For this we must pray!

As we wait for this time, we will make every effort to keep people safe while providing opportunities for all.

How long will these regulations be in place?

We are currently on the bridge between full lockdown and full freedom. We find ourselves in a hard season of transition but we believe that this is a journey towards a time where we will all gather together as the body of Christ again, regardless of vaccination status.

As we cross this bridge together we will be faced with challenges. However, we are moving ahead step by step, with prayer and faith.

What can I do to help?

Please join us in praying for each other with our very different stories, for our State and her leadership, for our Nation and for all of God’s children everywhere. Let us pray for an end to the pandemic. And above all, let us pray for the UNHINDERED advance of God’s mission in the world.

You may also like to consider ways in which you can provide opportunities for people to connect at this time:

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  • Invite others to gather in your home or a park for worship
  • Provide practical support to those in need. Find out more here.

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